Tuesday, March 30, 2010



Is one entertaining old movie! With an all vaudeville cast, starting from WC Fields to Burns and Allen to Baby Rosemarie, it's 80 minutes of laughs and music. I was very impressed with this movie for number of reasons; this movie takes place in a village called Yoo Hoo China, for 1933 I was delighted to see that none of the Chinese characters were portrayed with any kind of racist or stereo typed cast. Even the character Dr. Wong, played by Edmund Breese a caucasian actor, showed none of the broken accent, or any bumbling characterization for the sake of comedy.

The story tells Dr Wong has invented the very first television and invited a cast of VIPs all over the world to visit International House Hotel. Lots of small comedy routines done by Burns and Allen , Gracie in her top form as the air head. It was a delight to see Bela Lugosi as a ladies man later turned villain.

W C Fields was the main character of this cast of wacky characters, he played Prof. Quail who flown into China in a flying car, which looked pretty good. And a very interesting appearance by Cab Calloway and his orchestra singing about "The Reefer man". The "creepiest" scene in the movie was a performance by Baby Rose Marie, Rose Marie of "The Dick Van Dyke Show" at the age of 7 or 8, belting out a tune with same gestures of the adult Rose Marie in the later part of her career.
"International House" is really ahead of its time and a true Comedy Classic!


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